The results of Black Friday 2023 are in, and they’re record-breaking! Inspired by that success, we’re drafting this blog post. Why? To help your brand experience the same success for Black Friday 2024. How can we be so eager to help? Because we have a brilliant solution!

We compiled a list of the best WordPress plugins, themes, and services in one amazing website. We plan to do the same for Black Friday 2024! Perfect timing for your WordPress-related brand, product, or service to be featured there too. This list of WordPress Black Friday deals gets your brand in front of the right audience at the perfect time of year. 

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Make Record-Breaking Sales on Black Friday 2024

If we have successfully piqued your interest in the WordPress Black Friday deals website hub, allow us to explain the site further. Designed to highlight the best of the best in WordPress creation, brands on this list saw an increase in Black Friday sales in 2023. Visitors can view all available products at once or broken down into categories: themes, plugins, and services.

Featured offerings provide details about the product or service, brand logos, and verbiage. Each brand is assigned a savings code, delivering discounts of 30%-40% off the total purchase price. When an interested party makes a selection, they are redirected to a designated website to complete their purchase.

Because we know you’re wondering, there are two ways to participate: as a sponsor or as a featured deal. What’s the difference? As a sponsor, you get a branded logo strategically placed at the top of the website where new visitors can see it first. As a featured deal, your brand’s offer is bolded and displayed with high priority to help increase the likelihood of sales. 

There is a one-time fee of $199 and $29, respectively, to partake. Aside from participating in the WordPress Black Friday deals website, brands can make record-breaking sales on Black Friday 2024 with the proper preparation.

Preparing for Black Friday 2024

Black Friday 2024 falls on Friday, November 29th. Brands looking to make record-breaking sales on the popular holiday would take care to prepare accordingly. Responsible brands should begin marketing preparations as early as Halloween. 

Anything can happen on the backend of things, making early preparations key. Work out any hiccups on websites, including product displays, images, and the many nuances of the checkout process. Ensure all payment collecting methods are in working order, and start spreading the word about your exclusive offerings anywhere your audience can see them. 

Another suggestion is to monitor the competition’s movements around the holiday. If your leading competitor shines bright in this way, find a way to mimic that light. That might mean marketing on different platforms than in previous years. Consider how easy it is to submit your deal to the WordPress Black Friday deals website as a prime example. 

Remember, achieving different results means applying different strategic methods of success. Moreover, consider extending promotions past Black Friday 2024 and into Cyber Monday. Doing so increases the possibility of last-minute sales on Black Friday marked items. 

What Do Consumers Say?

E-commerce purchases are rumored to outpace in-store purchases for Black Friday 2024. With this in mind, is your brand in a position to be recognized, found, and followed therein? A digital footprint in this regard is crucial to cementing record-breaking Black Friday sales.

Remember that consumer behavior around Black Friday remains vigilant for exclusives. For consumers, these exclusives can be in-store or online—it’s the savings they’ll receive that matters. In fact, most consumers have admitted to purchasing items they didn’t need simply because it was on sale. 


Bait consumers with deals that drive conversion like ‘buy now, pay later’ options. From the buyer’s perspective, brands that make such offerings openly acknowledge the economic stresses most consumers feel this time of year. Flexible payment options, in general, have this effect. As a result, brands implementing them can see significant increases in sales.

Another reason why consumers prefer online shopping is to avoid queuing. Long lines wrapped around even longer city blocks to gain entry to retail stores are no longer a sought-after scenario. Not when customers can make that same purchase with the same (maybe more) savings from the comfort and security of their own home. 

There’s much to do during the holidays, so why make shopping for material things part of the hubbub? Especially when items can easily be secured by purchasing them online.

A final consumer behavior to consider ahead of Black Friday 2024 is pre-Black Friday sales initiatives. Brands that begin marketing out-of-stock items as becoming available for Black Friday begin to receive orders ahead of the big day. But because the sales include flagged Black Friday items, brands can track Black Friday 2024 sales increases before the day arrives. 

Is Your Brand Ready For Black Friday 2024?

With the list of great preparation tips above, we hope the answer to this question is a resounding yes! Whether your brand is WordPress-related or not, these strategies will undoubtedly help your brand make a big splash on Black Friday 2024. 

For those WordPress-related products and services that would like to add your deal to the website, we look forward to celebrating your record-breaking sales.