We know what you must think: Which Black Friday marketing strategies truly increase sales? After record-breaking numbers in 2023, it’s no wonder brands are already projecting the possibilities for Black Friday 2024. To assist, we are opening up the discussion to hash out the best Black Friday marketing strategies to consider for next year. 

Successful Black Friday Marketing Strategies

Once upon a time, it must’ve required hours of research to locate winning Back Friday marketing strategies. Considering how far the retail date has come since its origin in the 1990s, it’s no wonder. People must’ve spent countless hours in video chat rooms and strategy meetings to establish tactics to market products both online and in-store. Now, in 2024, a quick Google search of the right keywords delivers a bounty of results including, but not limited to:

  • Using SMS & email marketing to create urgency
  • Creative collaborations with influencers within your niche
  • Promotional campaigns and automation for social network platforms
  • BTS (behind the scenes) coverage of impending offers, product samples
  • Mobile-App exclusive deals & discounted shipping offers
  • Flash or by-the-hour sales
  • Baited freebies to act as lead magnets
  • Product bundles for new product launches
  • Tiered discount models

Of these successful Black Friday marketing strategies there’s one that doesn’t get enough attention; highlighted sponsorship placement. Unlike advertising, highlighted sponsorship placement improves brand recognition and reputation. What’s more, potential customers begin to associate your brand with a specific event. Sounds ideal going into Black Friday 2024, does it not? Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Highlighted Sponsorship Placement

Part of this lineup of Black Friday marketing strategies is highlighted sponsorship placement (HSP). Allow us to define it for you: Walking the tightrope between a marketing campaign and advertising, HSP is likened to a form of advertising. It means marketing products or services to a specific audience within a production or lineup of niche-friendly brands. 

Does it sound more familiar now?

Leaning into this strategy for Black Friday is ingenious and here’s why. As we stated above, HSP significantly increases your brand recognition. It gets your brand side-by-side with leading competitors. Why is this a good vs. a bad thing? 

Because those competitors may have stronger brand identity, and by default, trust and authority in your niche. When potential clients get a whiff of your brand amongst those greats, it triggers their behaviors of awareness. Hooray for extended reach, and increased possibilities of sales to your ideal client. 

What are some other benefits to highlighted sponsorship placement as a Black Friday marketing strategy in 2024?

Benefits of Highlighted Sponsorship Placement

Sponsorships have several profitable benefits, and highlighted sponsorship placement is no different. Here are some of the notable benefits:

  • Lead generation
  • Brand recognition
  • Stronger engagement
  • Competitive advantages

Notably, all sponsorship participation requires a monetary investment. The good news is that this monetary amount is typically a one-time fee. Take our Black Friday Deals for WordPress site dedicated to listing the savings for leaders in the industry. For those who become a highlighted sponsor on the website, a one-time fee of $199 is needed. Why would a brand pay for exposure? Advertising!

Not to mention the increased return on investment from the exposure within the niche. Potential customers discovering your brand message may then choose to become new customers. Who’s to say that new loyal customers don’t lead to more via word-of-mouth marketing?

Further still, brands gain valuable insight into their ideal client. HSP helps brands unlock the customers buying behavior, deal type preferences, and more. This information directly feeds future marketing campaigns with clearer paths to success. If that’s not one of the better Black Friday marketing strategies, we don’t know what is.

Black Friday Marketing Strategies for Next Year

There’s no time like the present, right? Especially when it comes to digital marketing. Black Friday 2023 is behind us, but that means that Black Friday 2024 lies ahead. Brands that get a jump start on this seasonal time stand to benefit greatly in sales numbers come the close. 

Here are some solid Black Friday marketing strategies to consider implementing for next year:

  • Create a post-Black Friday emailing list to cross-sell and upsell in the perfect funnel
  • Curate niche-exclusive deal bundles and discounts and roll them out months before Black Friday 2024
  • Make the checkout process an experience for the user with interactive polls or pop-ups
  • Maximize the value of sales, i.e. spend $200 and save 20%, etc. 
  • Plan out and pre-schedule marketing material, especially the week of the event
  • Submit your deal for highlights sponsorship placement 
  • Offer and market free giveaways with purchases over a certain amount
  • Donate a portion of your Black Friday sales to a worthy charity or cause making purchasing personable
  • Partner up with niche-friendly influencers to help market product reviews and discounts

It may seem like Black Friday 2024 is ages away or that implementing these Black Friday marketing strategies is a lot of work for one day. It’s not false, but it is worth it for brands looking to make record-breaking sales that day. It all comes down to your business goals.

Are you ready for Black Friday 2024 now?