A marketing concept that skyrocketed to fame in the United States in the 1980s, Black Friday in the 2020s has taken the world by storm. The idea is to entice purchases with sales on products or services for one day only. 

Many businesses use this as an opportunity to offload inventory or launch new product lines at a timed discount. Regardless of the reason and the success, companies still seek out strategies to make more Black Friday sales.

Ergo, the creation of this blog to share seven essentials to help you make even more Black Friday sales next year. To help, we have gathered the best WordPress Black Friday deals on your most popular plugins, themes, and services. As a result, making a splash for Black Friday has never been simpler. 

Is Black Friday Losing Steam?

Consumers educate themselves about where and what they spend their hard-earned cash on. As a result, some might wonder if Black Friday is still popular. In actuality, it is gaining popularity across the globe. Originating in the United States, Black Friday has increased in popularity in Europe and Asia in the last decade. 

Innovative takes on the idea reached the digital world in the shape of Cyber Monday. But regardless of these facts, Black Friday remains popular. To help align your brand to make more Black Friday sales in the coming years, we present you with some useful strategies to consider.

7 Strategies For Making More Black Friday Sales

In anticipation of this busy day, here are the seven strategies we promised to help you make more Black Friday sales.

  1. Optimize product pages and descriptions.
  2. Entice audiences with exclusive deals or freebies.
  3. Generate a buzz using email marketing and social networks.
  4. Create a specific landing page for Black Friday deals.
  5. Include enticing pop-ups on websites.
  6. Increase product recommendation posts.
  7. Don’t lose sight of your marketing message or ideal client needs.

Now, let’s break these down in more detail.

Optimize Product Pages & Descriptions

Make the time to review every product that will be featured during Black Friday sales. Highlight any special features or limited-time offers for accessories related to the product in the description section. Ensure that keywords are in place, images load correctly, and any copy content modifications are made accordingly—especially your high-performing web pages. 

Entice Audiences with Exclusive Deals or Freebies

Who doesn’t enjoy something for free? As a result, most brands include some sort of exclusive upgrade or freebie to ensure they receive more Black Friday sales. Examples of exclusive offerings include limited edition products and well-discounted bundles that entice your niche to spend. With the right marketing, clients view these offers as unique opportunities and leveraged correctly, these sales can continue far past Black Friday. 

Generate a Buzz

Black Friday 2024 is on Friday, November 29th. Brands wanting to take full advantage of the day for sales should consider generating a buzz as early as Nov. 1st. This can be tricky considering the excitement surrounding leading commercial holidays such as Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos. But seasonal marketing is your friend in the digital space. Smart brands will make it a point to begin teasing Black Friday offerings sooner rather than later.

Create a Black Friday Sales Landing Page

Teasing the availability of your Black Friday exclusives is easy to do on social networks for a couple of reasons. The strongest of those is bio link pages. These separate landing pages house the links that you curate there. Why not curate a bio link page specifically for your Black Friday exclusives? It’s a strategic way to generate engagement on web pages ahead of the big day, too. Nothing wrong with improving your SEO ranking a tad as you move closer to the day itself.

Include Enticing Popups

Popups are a necessary evil in digital marketing. Web browsers have come to expect them, so why not make them count? Make the pop pinpoint the exclusivity of the Black Friday deals you plan to launch. Plan this popup at the start of the visitor’s experience or the end. Don’t forget to include a popup for your mailing list!

Increase Product Recommendation Posts

Posting about favorited products in excess is a great way to get people talking about them. User-generated content is ace in this strategy. Get the user to post about their experience with your product or service and tag your brand when publishing. Open up the conversation in the comments with others to entice more product and event awareness. Partner with social influencers to extend brand reach ahead of Black Friday, generating the buzz, then watch the sales roll in. 

Don’t Lose Sight of the Client

The easiest thing to do when it comes to Black Friday is to get caught up in the whirlwind. As a brand or business, taking a firm stance around the content messaging is crucial. You want to see more Black Friday sales, yes, but not at the expense of your ideal client. Make the extra effort to ensure the brand message stays on point but drips with additional fluff to encourage sales. A great way of doing this is to send personalized emails to clients about impending Black Friday exclusives. Riddle the email with those buzzing keywords and speak directly to your client authentically.

Want to Make More Black Friday Sales for your WordPress Products?

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